Lung Health Checks

The Importance of Lung Health Checks Attending a lung health check can lead to early diagnosis and successful treatment of respiratory conditions. Telephone Assessment A telephone assessment is a crucial step in the healthcare process that involves a 20-minute conversation with a trained nurse.


There are many ways to seek advice from a Healthcare Professional – please select the most appropriate option:

At this time please do not go to the surgery, unless you are advised to do so by a member of the Practice team. Please call the Practice if you require to consult with a GP or Nurse. We will then arrange for you to speak to a GP or Prescribing Nurse. If you are asked to attend the clinician will instruct you how to do this safely. We are currently asking patient to attend for urgent/INR or diabetic blood tests, baby immunisations, wound dressings, DEPO and B12 injections (plus any other injections deemed necessary). We are now doing routine smears and coil/implant removals and insertions. Other appointment types or procedures that require attendance will be at the discretion of the Practice. Thank you for your understanding