We have our first flu clinic on Saturday 24th September at West Wing.

This will be a walk in clinic:

If you are 65 years old or over please can you come down between 9am and 11am

If you are under 65 and you have a long term condition and in the past have had a flu vaccination because you are considered to be at risk, please can you come down between 11am and 1pm (50-64 year olds who have no long term conditions and do not fall into this at risk group will be called in October)


There will be 5 clinicians on duty that day administering vaccines and 2 reception staff to guide you to where you need to be. Please remember we are open on this day just to give you your flu vaccination, the GP/Nurse will not discuss any other medical or medication issues.

We also have bookable clinics running during the week from Monday 26th September and into October. We will be adding more clinics all the time, including more Saturday dates. Just contact the surgery for details.

Current Clinic Dates:

Saturday 24th September – walk in clinic (65 and over to arrive between 9am and 11am, at risk under 65’s arrive between 11am and 1pm)

Monday 26th September – bookable clinic OVER 65’S ONLY

Tuesday 27th September – bookable clinic UNDER 65 AT RISK ONLY

Thursday 29th September – bookable clinic OVER 65’S ONLY

Friday 30th September – bookable clinic OVER 65’S ONLY

Monday 3rd October – bookable clinic UNDER 65’S AT RISK ONLY

Thursday 6th October – bookable clinic OVER 65’S ONLY